Welcome to No Soap Box.  This is kind of a Version 2, however the vast majority of the Internet might not know that.  To those who are new to No Soap Box, I welcome you.  In the months ahead I plan on covering points where medias such as music, movies, and games cross over with politics and how they may change your life.  It’s an exciting time to be writing about such things, as digital copyright is coming to a head with supporters of digital distribution and open source.  As well, a hot topic in the upcoming presidential campaign is the heated controversy between preserving the innocence of children versus first amendment rights.  I will be covering the stories as I see them.  Later on I will be taking on new writers, or perhaps some of the old writers; but I want to get this blog right this time.  There are half a million blogs out there, and this will not become another one of those discarded projects cast aside.  As well, I do not wish to waste anyone’s time until I have a steady foothold on this new blog, I will take on new writers as I work out the kinks.
To the fans of the original NSB, and especially to the earlier writers, an apology.  Your work, your effort, and your support, are all greatly appreciated.  However, as it stood, NSB was set to go nowhere.  I have saved all of the original posts as an SQL file to my computer, and at some point I plan on setting up an archive of the original posts.  In the meantime, to those writers, I hope your time here was not wasted.  I hope you all learned as much about putting your work out there as I have.  I also hope you had as much fun as I have.  For me, this has been a labor of love, and I hope I can bring you with me in this revamp.